Kosher organic meat products.

Taam Zohar is Israel's leading farm for growing and marketing of chickens, turkeys, sheep and Viciim organic. Birds on the farm growing special conditions, with no additional antibiotics, hormones, drugs, growth catalysts, and other chemicals. Birds given free access to a wide area of pasture and green, the birds grow special low-density conditions, and no artificial lighting. Growth process is done under the supervision and approval of the Organic Agriculture "Tuv Hasade" and Agrior Company (IFMOA). Taam Zohar goal glow birds grow special, general health of people, and especially Children's health. Get glamorous taste fresh organic meat direct marketing to the house, saving You unnecessary costs and valuable time.

Health Banefits
  • · Free chicken and raised in natural conditions. And green pasture fed organic mixture.
  • · Chicken fed only organic ingredients and does not receive growth catalysts, Antibiotics and drugs.
  • · The chicken is plump and not gaining fat rich unsaturated fats, iron And minerals.
  • · The meat is very energetic and also satisfies a small amount of high nutritional value.
  • · Organic chicken soup is recommended for infants who need Omega 3.