Taam Zohar products

Taam Zohar have wide range of products; chickens, turkeys, Young chickens, sheep and eggs. all the Products are under the supervision of "Badatz Haeda hahredith".

product explanation kosher
organic chickens Whole chicken, legs, calves, thighs, wings, chicken Soarmh, normal breast, sliced ​​breast, chest Minced chicken (beef stroganoff), throat, gizzards, chicken patties house, Chicken burger, soup bones. Badatz Haeda hahredith
organic turkey Whole turkey, whole turkey breast, turkey breast is divided, exploited turkey, minced breast, turkey shawarma, Calves India, India rolls, wings, necks, gizzard. Badatz Haeda hahredith
organic sheep Quarters of a sheep or half lambs. badatz mahfud
organic eggs Package of 12 eggs, 30 eggs packaging. -